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BirdieKat developed due to founder Kat's love of golf.  She started playing golf at the age of 7, inspired by her Dad's love of the game.  Weekends were spent going to the range and summers spent at golf camps.  Kat’s Dad passed away in 2008, and since then, her passion for golf has increased as it was a way to stay connected to the love of her father and the game they both loved.


Kat not only loves golf, but fashion as well! And she noticed that Pro shops never seemed to have enough fashion forward apparel. So she founded BirdieKat! 


Her designs for BirdieKat bring athleticism and fashion together.  It is a company for the fun-loving fashionable woman who adores a round of golf, tennis, or pickleball, and a laugh coupled with a cocktail or mocktail.  The BirdieKat girl is serious about her game and wants to look good playing it, but she also just enjoys the experience of savoring those fun moments with friends and competitors. 

Currently Kathleen is a high school math teacher, who has a lovable puppy named Bandon, and she spends her summers competing in as many tournaments as possible (while looking her best).  

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